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Princess party bedding set
Twin or Full Size
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Monica 15" Plush toy
Dark or Light Brown
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Jasmine "Moon" Oversized Plush Blanket
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Tiffany or Monica "Rainbow" Tee
available in Purple, Pink, or Aqua Blue
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Representation Matters

My children were filled with joy and loved the fact that the unicorns looked like them (brown). They really liked the texture of the puffs and tail. My money was well spent. Thank you for putting our children first.

R. Crawley

The unicorns are beyond adorable and the matching T-shirts are high quality and super cute as well. It’s great to be able to find products that represent the culture and boost their self esteem.

P. Wilson

I bought the Chloe plush for my 6 year old who is OBSESSED with unicorns. It was so cute that I went back and bought my niece (also unicorn obsessed) the Monica plush. Having a brown unicorn with their hair texture means so much.

C. Johnson

My daughter’s theme for her 7th bday this year was unicorns and coming across the black unicorn as a gift for her was everything. It will always be a reminder and represent her 7th birthday.

April N.

My youngest daughter loves unicorns! When I saw black unicorns I was floored and she was speechlessly happy...and her not having anything to say is rare and her smile was priceless so thank you!!