About Us

We are a 100% Black Owned and Operated Company


What We Believe

At The Black Unicorn Shop, we recognize the importance of black and brown children identifying with the toys and playtime characters they incorporate into their imagination filled worlds. Children of color thrive when they see themselves reflected in a positive way.  They deserve the same opportunity white children have long enjoyed. This isn’t a new discovery. In the 1940s, psychologists conducted a study in which 65% of the black children participating showed a preference for a white doll over a black doll, demonstrating a deeply ingrained, poor self-image. 

We created The Black Unicorn Shop to help close the still-existing gap in positive black and brown representation. Our products add a whole new dimension to the whimsical realm in which unicorns live, by giving children of color an especially meaningful way to enter that mystical, magical world.  Most importantly, our products help children of color build confidence and self-esteem by showcasing images they find more relatable.