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Ballerina Collection

The Ballerina Collection is a beautiful tribute to the art of dance, featuring delicate details and charming doll designs. Perfect for inspiring little ones to take their first steps on the dance floor or explore new realms of creative imagination, this collection brings a touch of elegance and wonder with its sumptuous afro puffs and dynamic dancing motifs.

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  11. Bettina the Ballerina Love to Dance Tee - Blush Pink (Discontinued)

Customer Reviews

  • "My youngest daughter loves unicorns! When I saw black unicorns, I was floored and she was speechlessly happy..."

    T. R. Groves

  • "Perfect size and the right color, better than the photo online. It was above expectations"


  • "Shipped immediately. Extremely worth the price. One of my a-time best purchases!"

    Angela M.